Tone of voice

Tone of voice


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The brand voice

Our voice is:

Down-to-earth / friendly /honest

socially conscious /competent

Our voice is not:

Corporate / complicated / inaccessible

unrelatable / apathetic

What and how we communicate:

Our tone of voice is dictated by our purpose.
What we say is informed by our principles and mission.
How we say it, is influenced by our personality.

Example of two-directional brand voice:

To smiley or not to smiley?

SoMe: yes, please 👍

Example of relevant emojis:

Brand personality: 🌼🌻🌳🌿🌾🍂☀️🧡
Product selling-points: ⛱️🌬️🌦️⛈️💪
Smileys: 😊😍👋




Example of one-directional
brand voice:

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