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Value proposition

How do we establish our value proposition?

We offer:

Products and services that match the customer jobs our target group wants to fulfill.

Pain relievers, this section covers how our products and services alleviate customer pains.

Gain creators, we create gains that match our customer segment desired gains.

For the needs of our users:

Customer jobs refer to what customers are trying to get done in their lives when
dealing with a problem o challenge.

Pains are the bad outcomes, risks or obstacles related to the customer jobs.

Gains describe the outcomes our customers want to achieve or the concrete benefits they are seeking.

Meet the Baser users

We know that every country is a world of its own

and not all users are the same:

At Baser we have a clear ambition of continue being a global brand. With international markets at scope, it is easier to neglect local preferences and differences related to product use and user behavior.

Not us.

At Baser we are aware that every country can be a world of its own, and that not all users are the same. That is why we pay attention to listening to our customers' needs.

We offer base products that are both sturdy and user friendly
without sacrificing the design, for an affordable price.
As a family business, we strive for great customer service and sustainable solutions.


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